TKR9115B – Differential Case (F/R/C, all 2.x)


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Product Description

Improve the acceleration and stability of your 2.0 Buggy or Truggy with this new differential case! The TKR9115B differential case has a new internal design with higher initial/breakaway resistance compared to TKR9115 and is well suited for bumpy and/or high traction surfaces. It includes the same long-lasting steel insert and is made of the same durable material as TKR9115.

TKR9115B is a direct replacement/option for TKR9115 and is compatible with all other new differential parts (TKR5144B, TKR9145 and TKR9150B) and existing 2.0 differential parts (TKR5112X, TKR5114XB, TKR9115, TKR5144, TKR5145B, TKR9112, TKR9114, TKR9115, TKR9149, TKR9149A, and TKR9150). For high grip or rough surfaces, TKR9115B is suggested for use on all differentials of all vehicles.

Feel of TKR9115B

Initial/Breakaway Resistance Higher than ​​TKR9115
Continuous Resistance Higher than TKR9115

With TKR9115B you may feel additional resistance before the internal differential gears begin to rotate and the added resistance will stay once they begin spinning.

Recommended Oil

Please view the setup documents below for our recommended configuration and oils if using several of the new differential parts together (TKR9115B case, TKR5144B o-rings, TKR9145 shims, and TKR9150B gears).

Low/Medium Grip
Medium/High Grip
Low/Medium Grip
Medium/High Grip

We observed during testing that TKR9115B can feel as if it has a higher viscosity oil than TKR9115 and recommend decreasing the oil weight by 1,000 cst when using TKR9115B in place of TKR9115.


1ea Differential Case

Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR9115B – Differential Case (F/R/C, all 2.x) is included with the EB48 2.1 and NB48 2.1 kits and can be used as a replacement part for those vehicles.
  • This can be used with the EB48 2.0, ET48 2.0, NB48 2.0 and NT48 2.0 vehicles and should be a direct replacement for the stock part or used as a new feature. Please use the instruction manual for the kit(s) listed to verify compatibility and no additional items are necessary before purchasing.

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