TKR6851X – M6 Driveshafts Kit (front, 4X4 Slash/Stampede/Rustler/Hoss)


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The Tekno RC M6 Driveshafts and Steering Blocks will give your Slash 4×4, Stampede 4×4, Rustler 4×4, and Hoss the ultimate in performance and durability.

If you are having issues with anything breaking this will most likely be caused by running the RPM A-Arms made from pure nylon. These arms are not compatible with our kit as they are too flexible. Because of this extreme flexibility, the metal parts of our kit are compromised during use. For this reason, we can only recommend using the stock Traxxas arms.


  • Custom 6mm stub axles – no more bending or breaking
  • Bigger outer bearing for better load handling 6x12x4 (stock is 5x11x4 outer)
  • Hardened steel driveshafts and drive cups
  • Captured CV drive pin – it can’t fall out.
  • New M6 steering block design with additional bump-steer adjustments
  • Eliminates slop
  • Stock wheels and nuts fit with no mods
  • Metric hardware throughout
  • 17mm adapter option (sold separately)


  • Screw pin from the original Traxxas output yoke (TRA6828X – M3 screw pin)


This driveshaft kit is compatible with the Slash 4×4, Rustler 4×4, Stampede 4×4 and the HOSS. They are a direct fit for these vehicles and do not require any additional parts.

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