TKR5181 – Low Profile Wing Mount & Body Mounts (SL/EB/NB/ET/NT)


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Product Description

TKR5181 – Low Profile Wing Mount & Body Mounts (SL/EB/NB/ET/NT)

This is a low profile wing mount with added wing position adjustability.  The wing sits 18mm lower than before in the lowest position.  This increases stability and lowers the CG of your vehicle.  The height can be adjusted 5mm higher however which will produce more downforce.  Moving the wing position back and forth is now possible.  The rear position will produce more traction while the forward position will allow for more steering and rotation.  Of course the angle of the wing is also adjustable.

The wing mount is 100% backwards compatible with the EB48/NB48/ET48/NT48.



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Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR5181 - Low Profile Wing Mount & Body Mounts (SL/EB/NB/ET/NT) is included with the EB48.3, EB48.4, EB48SL, ET48.3, NB48.3, NB48.4 and NT48.3 kits and can be used as a replacement part for those vehicles.
  • This can be used with the EB48.2, MT410 and NB48 vehicles and should be a direct replacement for the stock part or used as a new feature. Please use the instruction manual for the kit(s) listed to verify compatibility and no additional items are necessary before purchasing.

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