TKR9296 – Universal Driveshaft (center, front, 87.5mm, NB/NT 2.0)



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TKR9296 – Universal Driveshaft (center, front, 87.5mm, NB/NT 2.0)

Center universal driveshafts are now available for your NB48/48.3 and NT48/48.3. Universal driveshafts will smooth out front/rear power transfer and increase brake response by eliminating the fore/aft chatter of a dogbone center shaft system. While not quite as light as our optional aluminum center dog bones, the universal shaft will increase durability and consistency. CNC machined from high-grade steel, TKR5296 directly replaces the front center driveshaft (TKR5377/TKR5377A) and diff coupler (TKR5075) and is compatible with all versions of the NB48 and NT48 vehicles.

Package Includes: (1) Front Center Universal Driveshaft and (1) TKR1603 5mm set screw.

Build Note: Use thread locking compound and verify the set screw keys with the slot on the diff pinion (TKR5152, TKR5405).

Shipping Specs.

Weight.06 lbs
Dimensions2.5 x 6 x .25 in

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