TKR9041X – Adjustable Ackerman Spindles (EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0, requires TKR9047)


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TKR9041X – Adjustable Ackerman Spindles (EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0, requires TKR9047)

Improve the handling of your Tekno RC vehicles with these new adjustable Ackerman spindles! TKR9041X spindles have two important features; they provide the ability to adjust the Ackerman by using different length spindle arms and also have less incline angle for increased steering response.

When these spindles are combined with a longer camber link length, front-end stability is improved while boosting overall responsiveness. Then by selecting different spindle arms, you can adjust the corner entry, middle, or exit aggressiveness to your liking.

TKR9041X is a direct replacement for TKR9041 and uses the same bearings (TKRBB08165F, TKRBB12215) and Kingpin Shoulder Screws. These spindles are intended to be used with the EB48 2.0, NB48 2.0, ET48 2.0, and NT48 2.0 vehicles.

Spindle Arm Steering Response When Recommended Ackerman
TKR9047A More initial low-speed steering, less mid and exit steering. Lower grip or open tracks. Same as original TKR9041
TKR9047B More balanced entry, mid, exit steering. Medium grip, mid-size tracks. Less than TKR9047A
TKR9047C Less initial steering, more mid and exit steering. Higher grip, or tighter tracks. Less than TKR9047B



  • We recommend starting with TKR9047A arms as are the same Ackerman length as the original TKR9041 spindles.
  • Due to the reduced incline angle, the camber and steering links will need to be adjusted.

Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR9041X - Adjustable Ackerman Spindles (EB/NB/ET/NT48 2.0, requires TKR9047) is not included with any kit.
  • This can be used with the EB48 2.0, ET48 2.0 and NB48 2.0 vehicles and should be a direct replacement for the stock part or used as a new feature. Please use the instruction manual for the kit(s) listed to verify compatibility and no additional items are necessary before purchasing.

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