TKR8702 – Shock Caps (7075, emulsion/vented/standard, black ano, 2pcs)



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Product Description

TKR8702 – Shock Caps (7075, emulsion/vented/standard, black ano, 2pcs)

One shock cap for standard, vented and emulsion shock building styles! CNC machined from 7075 aluminum and black anodized, Tekno RC’s TKR8702 shock caps provide the utmost durability and flexibility when choosing your shock damping package. The included left and right side shock caps allow the cap screw to face toward the inside of the vehicle and the bleeder hole to face the rear, away from incoming dirt and dust. Replacement o-rings are available (TKR8725).

Package Includes: (1) left and (1) right side shock cap, (2) emulsion o-rings, (2) emulsion cap screws and (2) small cap screw o-rings.

Vehicle Compatibility

To provide proper shock tower clearance, all variants of the EB48, EB48SL, NB48, ET48, and NT48 are recommended to use standoff TKR8027. All variants of the MT410 and SCT410 are directly compatible.

Damper Types

VentedUse bladder included with TKR6009, omitting the small cap screw, small o-ring, and emulsion o-ring.
Non-VentedUse bladder included with TKR6009, small cap screw, and small o-ring, omitting the emulsion o-ring.
EmulsionUse all items included with TKR8702 (emulsion o-ring, small cap screw and small o-ring).

Shipping Specs.

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Dimensions2.5 x 2.5 x .75 in