TKR5340C – Fuel Tank (w/ clunk, NB48, IFMAR legal)



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Product Description

TKR5340C – Fuel Tank (w/ clunk, NB48/48.3, IFMAR legal)

Fuel tank features:

  • Now IFMAR/EFRA legal without any modification
  • Fuel nipple added to prevent the fuel line / clunk assembly from moving in/out of the tank
  • Added material around mounting tabs for increased durability
  • Unmatched seal design that extends further into tank, maximizing pressure and reducing the possibility of dirt getting in
  • Rubber mounting grommets increase durability while minimizing vibration
  • Internal baffle prevent the clunk from becoming stuck
  • Super high spring tension ensures the seal is tight at all times
  • 125cc size


Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR5340C - Fuel Tank (w/ clunk, NB48, IFMAR legal) is included with the NB48, NB48.3 and NB48.4 kits and can be used as a replacement part for those vehicles.
  • This item is not directly compatible with other vehicles as it could have different geometry or require additional parts. Please use the instruction manual from the kit(s) listed above to verify can work with your vehicle before purchasing.

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Shipping Specs.

Weight .20 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 4.5 × 5 in