TKR4159 – Long Shank Pinion (hard steel, Mod 1, 5mm bore, 19t)

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Product Description

These hardened steel mod1, 5mm bore long shank pinions can be used with Tekno RC’s line of V3 Brushless Conversion Kits for the Losi 8, 8T, and Associated RC8.

These are double hardened and feature two M4 setscrew holes (for long shafts) to secure the pinion to the motor shaft. Using these pinions allows the use of ESC/motor brakes on your Tekno converted vehicle. You can also use these in conjunction with mechanical brakes. All options are now available with one conversion.

[callout color=yellow]Tekno RC V3 Motor Plates for Long Shank Pinions (TKR40002A) may be required if using Losi 8B, 8T, or AE RC8. Mugen, Jammin, Hot Bodies and RC8T do not require long shank pinion plates.[/callout]


Vehicle Compatibility

  • TKR4159 - Long Shank Pinion (hard steel, Mod 1, 5mm bore, 19t) is included with the 8B/8E/8T kit and can be used as a replacement part for that vehicle.
  • This item is not directly compatible with other vehicles as it could have different geometry or require additional parts. Please use the instruction manual from the kit(s) listed above to verify can work with your vehicle before purchasing.

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