TKR40000A – Traktion Drive Adapter (adapter and hardware only)


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Back by popular demand! The Traktion Drive adapter is compatible with any 1/8th scale motor system that uses a 5mm shaft. This adapter is light, strong, spins true, and is easy to set up. Traktion Drive employs a clutch shoe design coupled with a spring design to ‘PUSH’ the shoes into the clutch bell.  So it’s engaged at 0 RPM.  This equates to zero lag.

Uses Traktion Drive shoes TKR4301 (*not included) and springs, TKR4308 (0.8mm), TKR4309 (0.9mm), TKR4310 (1.0mm) & TKR4311 (1.1mm) (*not included), to allow you to tune the power and responsiveness of your brushless system. Slip amount is adjusted by the thickness of the springs.  Use lighter springs (0.8mm, 0.9mm) for better traction on loose tracks.  Use thicker springs (1.0mm, 1.1mm) for higher grip tracks.

This system uses normal 3 shoe clutch bells. We offer these as TKR4123-TKR4128 (13t-18t) *not included

Contents: (1) 1/8th 3 shoe clutch adapter, (1) M3x8mm button head screw, (1) M4x4mm set screw, (1) M3 washer, (5) 5x7x.2mm shims.

*not compatible with Losi clutchbells or clutch shoes


  • Instant power, zero lag
  • Improves traction in all conditions (indoor/outdoor)
  • Lowers temps on motor and ESC
  • Protects your drivetrain under acceleration AND braking
  • Allows reverse
  • Adjustable (different springs provide different slip settings)
  • Super long wear 7075 clutch shoes (we’re talking months and months)

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