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Category: EB48.2

EB48 Instructions Addendum PDF file

Here is a more formal version of the instruction revisions.  It is also available under the ‘Information’->’Instruction Manuals’ link from our homepage.  Please print it out and follow the info within.  This information will be included in the next production run.  Contact us with any questions.  Thanks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: EB48 differential assembly

Hello, Just a quick note to let you know about something we’ve come across during assembly of the differentials on the EB48 buggy. The kit includes some small shims for adjusting the internal diff gear mesh.  The instruction manual shows one small shim (TKR5146) behind each spider (small) gear.  Due to manufacturing tolerances and variance …

EB48 – First Production Kit Pics

Austin Blair received his production kit and Jesse Stark has taken some awesome pics of the machine.  Take a look.

Single Pack vs. Dual Pack Layouts in 1/8th Scale Electric

We’ve seen a lot of discussion about single pack layouts vs. dual pack layouts. We researched both and concluded without any doubt that a single pack provides the best path to a perfectly balanced vehicle. Dual Pack Layout:  Yes, the batteries on a dual pack layout are balanced, but only with each other. Up front …

EB48:Part 3 – General Layout

When we set out to design the ultimate electric 1/8th buggy, we knew the layout had to be compact, efficient, and effective.  Having designed and manufactured dozens of chassis for other manufacturer’s vehicles, we were in a good position to exploit all that we had learned and focus it into a new platform.  In 2007 …

EB48:Part 2 – Bulkheads and Diffs

Designing a whole car is a daunting task.  But taken one part at a time, it’s not much different than our other aftermarket products.  The big difference is the fact that it’s a clean slate, a blank page.  You aren’t locked in to anything yet so you can do whatever you want.  But you still …