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SCT410 – Instructions Addendum

Hi all,

We discovered a small issue with the assembly of the SCT410 gearboxes. The flat spot on the differential pinion shaft is a little too short. We have posted a small addendum here and will be supplying a few shims (TKR1226) to space the diff coupler ~0.5mm so the set screw will seat properly. Please have a look at the addendum below.

SCT410 Addendum

The shims and the instruction note are not in the first shipment of kits that went out during launch week, so if anyone wants/needs them, just send us an email and we’ll send them out to you ASAP (TKR1226).

ALTERNATIVELY, if you don’t want to wait for shims, you can simply grind a tiny bit of material off of the diff pinion (toward the gear side) so the set screw seats properly.  This is the recommended mod.   Basically, increase the size of the flat spot on the gear shaft. This will not hurt anything and if anyone breaks a diff pinion as a result of this mod, email us and we’ll get you a new diff pinion gear.

We have seen a bunch of the new SCT410’s built up locally and so far this is the only issue we’ve come across.  Thanks!