TKR4142X – 42mm V3/V4 Motor Mount (CNC alum, black ano, for Castle/Tekin motors, lightened)



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Product Description

The revolutionary Lightened V3/V4 Motor Mount from Tekno RC weighs only 29 grams. That’s almost a full ounce lighter than our previous design (26 grams lighter now!). The most compact and most versatile motor mount on the market today for RC vehicles. Integrated heatsink and 40mm fan mount make this innovative part a must for all brushless enthusiasts. While designed for the V3 series of conversions from Tekno RC, this mount can be used just about anywhere with some modification to your existing vehicle.

Screw holes are 32mm x 32mm apart (square, top and bottom). (4x) M3x6mm countersunk screws securely hold your motor in place. Motor mount holes are 25mm apart. Use thread locking compound on all connection points.

Use TKR4136X for 36mm applications (Feigao, Medusa, Novak, etc)
Use TKR4140 for 40mm applications (Neu smooth cans)
Use TKR4142X for 42mm applications (Castle, Tekin)
Use TKR4144X for 44mm applications (Tekno RC, Neu finned can, Hacker, Align XL)

Note: Mega Motors are 36.2mm in diameter, use TKR4140 or modify TKR4136X

Includes (4) M3x6mm countersunk screws, (4) M4x8mm buttonhead screws

[callout color=yellow]Note: Tekno RC V3 Motor Mount Plates (TKR40002 , TKR40002A ) not included and are not required. Your application may vary and the motor mount plates may make it easier to adjust gear mesh.  V4 kits require NO mounting plates.[/callout]


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