TKR4308 – Traktion Drive Spring Set (0.8mm, 3pcs)



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Product Description

Spring set for the revolutionary Traktion Drive slipper system.

Condition / Spring Recommendation Grooved / Hard Pack outdoor Medium Traction outdoor Loose / Dusty / Loamy outdoor High Bite indoor Loose indoor
Elektri-Clutch – 0.7mm X X X X X
Elektri-Clutch – 0.8mm   X X    
Elektri-Clutch – 0.9mm     X    
Traktion Drive – 0.8mm   X X X X
Traktion Drive – 0.9mm   X   X X
Traktion Drive – 1.0mm X     X  
Traktion Drive – 1.1mm X     X  



Drive Option Features Mechanical Brakes Motor Brakes Drivetrain Protection / Traction Control Freewheeling Drivetrain Lower Temps / Electronics Protection
Standard Pinion

Long Shank Pinion X X

Traktion Drive X X X
Elektri-Clutch X



Compatibility Chart
Standard Pinion Long Shank Pinion w/ LSP Plates Long Shank Pinion w/ Standard or no Plates Traktion Drive Elektri-Clutch
TKR4007 (Mugen MBX5T)     X X X
TKR4008 (Losi 8T 1.0)   X   X X
TKR4009 (AE RC8)   X   X X
TKR4010 (Losi 8B 1.0)   X   X X
TKR4014 (Jammin’ X2-CRT)     X X X
TKR4015 (AE RC8T)     X X X
TKR4016 (HB D8)     X X X
TKR4017 (Jammin’ X2-CR)     X X X
TKR4018 (Mugen MBX6B) X   X X X
TKR4019 (Losi 8T 2.0)     X X X
TKR4020 (Losi 8B 2.0) X   X X X
TKR4021 (Ofna DM1-Spec) X   X X X
TKR4023 (Mugen MBX6T)     X X X

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