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TKR4001 – Brushless Conversion Kit (Revo/Slayer, 2.5, 3.3)


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Product Description

Direct Drop-In for the Traxxas Slayer!!!

View assembly instructions HERE.


The Tekno RC Brushless Conversion for the Traxxas REVO 2.5/3.3 and Slayer is here! The REVO was already the best racing/bashing MT ever made – and it just got better!

Our brushless conversion kit was designed around performance and reliability. We have been testing this design over the past year and the results have been simply amazing. Easily keep up with truggies and literally blow away any MT on the race track. Race run times of 15+ minutes means you can participate in most club’s nitro main events. Bash times may vary, but we routinely get over 20 minutes of bash time on a single charge. Your mileage may vary depending on motor, battery, and ESC used. We’ve heard reports of 40+ minutes of run time. It all depends on your setup and driving style.

Benefits – faster acceleration, higher top speed, predictable performance from pack to pack – no matter what the weather is, no engine tuning, no break-in, no air filter cleaning, no after-run maintenance, no oily mess, less pit gear required, fewer batteries to charge (no starter box battery, no RX battery, no glow igniter battery), no engine rebuilding or new pistons and sleeves, happier neighbors, far less upkeep and operating expenses after initial investment.

  • Direct Bolt-On – no additional mods necessary. Everything you need to convert your REVO chassis is included (motor , ESC and battery not included). Compatible with Vantage Racing line of chassis.
  • This kit has been designed to work with a ‘box stock’ REVO. Meaning, you can run reverse, 2 steering servos and any non-nitro-specific hop-ups – such as our new Sway Bar Kit for REVO. Single servo steering required for Revo Platinum.
  • OPTIONAL (not included) Patent pending Elektri-Clutch clutch bell adapter – uses any existing Revo clutch and clutch bell so you can tune the massive power delivery of current brushless motors the same way you would tune a clutch for a nitro engine. This means no cogging effects, superior predictable traction compared to other ‘direct drive’ electric conversions. 5mm motor shaft is required.
  • Uses stock Revo transmission, compatible with any ratio, center differential kit, rear brake kit, use the 2 speed or dial out 1st gear if you like (just loosen the shift point). Keep reverse if you want or take it out. We recommend using Robinson Racing steel transmission gears for ultimate durability.
  • Uses stock mechanical brakes so you can tune front/rear brake bias if using the center differential kit. This results in much more predictable braking and less heat generation compared to using ‘motor braking’, not to mention it will save your transmission from unneeded stress. Motor brakes can still be used if you lock the transmission into 2nd gear however.
  • 6061 CNC machined motor mounting system accommodates motors up to 42mm in diameter and 74mm in length. Use motors with 2 or 4 mounting holes. Adjust gear mesh just like a nitro REVO.
  • 6061 CNC machined ESC tray centrally mounts your ESC in direct flow of incoming air. Shift point adjustments are still made easily by removing one screw and rotating the ESC out of the way temporarily.
  • Injection molded battery tray will accommodate 2 standard stick packs, A123 batteries (2x2x2 config), or giant 3s – 6s LiPo batteries. Take your pick.
  • Tekno RC RX Box for REVO/Slayer included.
  • Add it up and compare, this is a great value!

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